MBB: Utahns of the Year

What an honor. Read it here.

Erika Munson, a straight, married Mormon mom who moved to Utah from Connecticut in 2009 and came up with the Bridges’ idea, is a reluctant revolutionary.

Like other Latter-day Saints, Munson was troubled by her church’s highly publicized push for California’s Proposition 8, defining marriage as exclusively between a husband and a wife. She watched helplessly as gays left the faith, resigned to the fear that there seemed to be no place for them in the pews.

And she saw her children struggle with the dissonance between the church’s teachings about love and what they saw as its rejection of LGBT fellow believers.

In January, Munson decided she needed to do something, anything, so when she learned that the Pride Parade was the second largest in the state — after the Days of ’47 Parade — she impulsively reserved a space.

As the date drew nearer, Munson enlisted award-winning Mormon filmmaker Kendall Wilcox and his co-producer Bianca Morrison Dillard to help with strategy and organizing.